Collection: 1OF1 (Reworked)

Designed by: Nadjib Akriche  

Collection 1: Cycle of Resurrection

Cycle of Resurrection, vintage meets reinvention in a harmonious dance of fashion. Each piece in this collection tells a story of revival, breathing new life into forgotten garments. From classic Nike hoodies with a 90s twist to grey Champion jackets adorned with vintage tapestries, every item celebrates the beauty of transformation and creativity. Embrace the past, celebrate the present, and step boldly into the future of fashion with the Cycle of Resurrection collection.

Collection 2: Terminal Eaters

Introducing Terminal Eaters, where vintage fashion takes on a whole new meaning. Inspired by the concept of transformation, this collection redefines the boundaries of style with unexpected elements and innovative design. From purple sweatshirts adorned with vintage skulls to navy blue Carhartt hoodies reimagined with playful cat tapestries, each piece is a testament to the endless possibilities of reworked fashion. Embrace the unexpected, celebrate the unconventional, and redefine the future of style with Terminal Eaters.

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