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Vintage vs Thrift

Vintage vs Thrift

Why is Digg It a Vintage AND Thrift store?

It’s because those two words have different meanings. If you’ve ever wondered why prices vary so wildly regarding secondhand clothes, keep reading.

“Thrift” was derived from the verb “shrive” which means to grow or to flourish with a clear sense of prosperity [wealth and success]Thrifting means using money and other resources carefully while minimizing waste. The broad definition of a thrift store is a place where you can buy secondhand items at a significantly reduced price. These are usually items that have been sold or donated by people who no longer had any use for them. They may be unbranded or of lower quality or just out of style. This in no way means that they cannot be valuable or fashionable, but simply that their financial value is decreased due to the nature of their disposal. They offer a chance for price-sensitive or environmentally conscious consumers to purchase clothes sustainably at a low price.

“Vintage” is an eternally evolving term.  Depending on the context, Vintage could refer to authenticity or style, and many factors must be considered before labeling a clothing item as vintage. So why are vintage clothes priced higher even though they are secondhand? This is where sourcing, age, and interaction with fashion come into play. With vintage clothes, you can usually expect higher quality, nostalgic, or discontinued brand designs and items that are significant in terms of pop culture and fashion trends of past decades – such as the Nike pinwheel graphic, tees from old band tours, etc. They are usually rare and difficult to come by, so you are paying for the seller’s eye and ability to curate these unique pieces for you. The focus here moves from practical affordable shopping to collecting clothes that are more valuable in terms of sentiment and fashion.  

Whether you choose to shop thrift or vintage, you are contributing to the growth of sustainable fashion and a cleaner planet. You can reduce textile waste and make a difference while saving your pockets and expressing yourself in style. It’s a win-win. Our purpose at Digg is to have something for everyone. If your main concern is price, we have sections dedicated to bringing you the most affordable items at the lowest cost possible. If you’re shopping for fun or looking for a rare piece to add to your collection and stand out, we’ve got you covered. Shop through our website or visit our store in Al Quoz Dubai to find your new favorite pre-loved item and give it a second chance. 

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