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Terminal Eaters No. 31 - Triple Champion

Terminal Eaters No. 31 - Triple Champion

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Description: Prepare to elevate your streetwear game with Terminal Eaters No. 31 - Triple Champion, a groundbreaking creation from Digg Vintage's exclusive collection. This remarkable hoodie combines the essence of three Champion hoodies into one, ingeniously integrated within the framework of a vintage Nike hoodie for a fusion of comfort, style, and nostalgia.

Terminal Eaters No. 31 features the classic silhouette of a vintage Nike hoodie as its foundation, revered for its timeless appeal and athletic flair. Within this iconic framework, three Champion hoodies are seamlessly blended, each contributing its own unique color and character to the ensemble.

What sets Terminal Eaters No. 31 apart is its innovative design and unparalleled versatility. With three Champion hoodies intricately woven into the fabric of a vintage Nike hoodie, this garment offers a truly dynamic and eye-catching aesthetic that's sure to turn heads.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Terminal Eaters No. 31 is a testament to the artistry of reworking and reinventing vintage garments. Each Champion hoodie layer is carefully curated and expertly integrated to create a hoodie that is as distinctive as it is stylish.

Key Features:

  • Vintage Nike hoodie infused with the essence of three Champion hoodies
  • Dynamic fusion of comfort, style, and nostalgia
  • Versatile and eye-catching design that stands out from the crowd
  • Signature piece from Digg Vintage's Terminal Eaters collection Material: High-quality materials, including hoodie fabric from both Champion and Nike hoodies

Size & Dimensions: One size fits most

Length: 67cm

Width: 68cm

Condition: Excellent vintage condition, preserving the authenticity and charm of the original Champion and Nike hoodies.

History: Terminal Eaters No. 31 is part of Digg Vintage's exclusive Terminal Eaters collection, which celebrates the art of repurposing and giving new life to vintage clothing.

Style Tips:

  • Make a bold statement by pairing Terminal Eaters No. 31 with distressed jeans and high-top sneakers.
  • Layer over a plain t-shirt and joggers for a casual yet edgy look that exudes streetwear chic.
  • Accessorize with retro sunglasses and a baseball cap to complete your vintage-inspired ensemble with a touch of urban flair. Care Instructions: Spot clean recommended to preserve the integrity of the vintage Champion and Nike hoodies. Handle with care to ensure longevity of wear.
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